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Voice over IP (VoIP) Systems This newer Internet based technology provides sophisticated communication features for businesses of all sizes. With the STRATA CIX systems, you can mix and match IP and digital technologies, or create a pure IP system solution.

Digital Systems Our digital business telephone systems deliver Key, Hybrid, or PBX telecommunication solutions. Ideal for small businesses STRATA CTX digital systems boost productivity, improve customer service, and provide flexible upgrade paths for the future.

Call Centers  With the STRATA ACD application, calls can be directed in a variety of ways to ensure that calls are handled efficiently. The Strata Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) is simplicity at its finest, running as an application on the Strata Media Application Server, along with ACD reporting, voice mail, and other value-added CTI applications. 

Toshiba Telephones With a variety of IP, digital, and digital cordless phones, we will supply your business with a state of the art TELEPHONE SYSTEM.  Refurbished equipment is also available.

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